Petly Plans

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Wellness Plan Overview for Puppies and Kittens

The Essential Plan includes everything that your puppy or kitten needs to stay healthy and protected from parasites and diseases.  It includes preventive care examinations, vaccines, and basic laboratory tests.  It also ensures your pet's safety by including a microchip.

The Plus Plan adds to our essential plan by including a comprehensive spay or neuter package.  Our spay and neuter packages includes IV catheter, IV fluids, general anesthesia with full anesthetic monitoring, aseptic surgery, in hospital pain medications, and medications to take home for a pain free recovery.  It also includes pre-surgical blood work to ensure the safest anesthesia during surgery.

Wellness Plan Membership Fees for Puppies and Kittens

Wellness Plan Overview for Adult Canines and Felines

The Adult Plan includes everything that your healthy, young adult needs to stay active and protected from parasites and diseases, plus laboratory screening tests to catch small problems before they become more serious.

The Senior Plan Even healthy senior pets have more health needs than they did earlier in life.  This plan includes an additional examination, a urinalysis, and other screening tests (Senior Diagnostic Bundle) to meet the challenges of this stage of life.

The Senior Plus This is a very comprehensive plan designed to meet the needs of the older pet with health concerns.  This plan includes all of the services designed to keep younger pets healthy, but also includes two examinations, two full laboratory screening panels, two urinalyses, two parasite screens, and two full sets of the Senior Diagnostic Bundle screening tests. 

Wellness Plan Membership Fees for Adult Canines and Felines